Refugees: Ending Open Borders Policies and Prioritizing Persecuted Groups

Refugee policies - Joels Comments

Canada is a land of great opportunity for skilled newcomers willing to work hard.  Our economy and culture of acceptance make Canada an attractive place to live and raise families. In setting immigration policy, our first responsibility must be to Canadians. Canada cannot afford an open-border policy that admits anyone wishing to live here. To allow that is irresponsible. It damages our country's economy. And it's an unfair burden on taxpayers. To strengthen Canada's economic growth, and our cultural fabric, we need to balance economic immigration, and refugee and reunification admissions.


Your vote for the People's Party of Canada will ensure Canada's immigration policy prioritizes economic growth.


The PPC proposes to:

  • Accept fewer resettled refugees.
  • Stop the flow of illegal migrants at the US-Canadian border.
  • Declare the whole border an official port of entry for the purposes of refugee claims to send back to the US anyone trying to enter Canada illegally.
  • Fence off the areas where illegal border jumping is prevalent, such as Roxham Road in Quebec.
  • Rely on private sponsorships instead of having the government pay for all the costs of resettling refugees in Canada.
  • Stop our reliance on the United Nations for refugee selection.
  • Give priority to refugees belonging to persecuted groups who have nowhere to go in neighbouring countries. 
  • Take Canada out of the UN’s Global Compact for Migration.
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