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CRIME South Surrey & White Rock

Joel Poulin - remarks 

Crime is a significant problem in the community we live in and needs to be addressed. I am going to give you three guarantees: If you elect me as your People’s Party Member of Parliament for South Surrey & White Rock, I will work with whichever party forms our next government to achieve three goals in our fight against crime:

I will work to strengthen the laws against violent crime.

I will work to increase the penalties for criminals who commit those crimes we experience all too often in Surrey: Gang violence, Murder, Rape, Physical assault, Theft, and Drug trafficking that destroys the lives of so many of our good kids. I will work to reverse the provisions of Bill C-75 that became law in June of this year. Why? It watered down penalties for more than 100 serious crimes. Dangerous criminals now get fines – instead of jail – for serious crimes such as: Gang violence, Using date rape drugs, Impaired driving causing bodily harm, But . . . here’s the kicker . . . Judges can now reduce or exempt the penalties criminals have to pay to their victims if the judges think the penalties will cause hardship to the criminals!! To get these changes made, you have my guarantee that I will: Work with the victims’ groups and law enforcement agencies from coast to coast who opposed Bill C-75 from the very beginning, and work with whichever party forms the government to make these changes to the Criminal Code – except, of course, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals who changed our Criminal Code to benefit the criminals.

September 28 Update

Interesting interview with Maxime Bernier.


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